To be really honest I don’t know what true love means. I haven’t yet been given the opportunity to experience it yet. I have been blessed to be on the other end of that love. Love is all around us and we just have to open our eyes to see it.

The first time that I had experience what it was like to have someone love me was In my mothers arms. I don’t yet know what It was like to hold me but I do know that I loved my mom the moment that they put me on her chest. From that day forward my mother has taken care of me when I couldn’t do anything for myself. That love over the years has grown into gratitude, memories, laughter, and a relationship with my mother that I never thought that I would have. I would give anything to my mom. She has shown me so much love even when I do things that I shouldn’t be doing. She is the first to forgive me and to embrace me in her arms. What is a mothers Love? I have no Idea but I do know what a daughters love is like. When you have a hard day at school and you just need someone to talk to, mom is always there for you. One of my favorite memories that I have with my mom is when I get to help her with planting the flowers each spring. Learning from her is my favorite. Being able to look up to a woman who is so strong, brave, kind, and so loving is a gift to a daughter. Thank you mom for giving me the kind of love that a daughter needs to fly in this world. I hope that one day I will be able to share that love that you have given me with my future children.

The daily love that is in this world I feel like we kind of forget to notice. Holding a door for someone shows kindness and kindness is love. When you serve or just being kind to someone you are not only helping them but you are helping yourself. I don’t know about you but when I get the chance to help someone wether that is holding the door or just being someone that will listen, I feel a peace of kindness not just a kindness that is like well your such a great person but the kind that makes you smile not just physically but your heart smiles. Because you just did something for someone that they couldn’t do for them selves or if they can then you just lifted a load off their shoulders. What an act of love for humans is that? I may have not yet known what true love is quite yet but I do know what it is like to help someone who needs it. Being a person who hates seeing someone in pain and would give them the world or even their life to help someone this is my way of showing and passing on kindness and love.

I believe that we are all receivers of love even if we haven’t been in love or know what its like to have a love for a child. It all started with our Heavenly Father and His love for each one of us then it got passed down to Christ. Christ is our Savior but also the one who should us the most love here on earth. He gave up His life for each of us but He did it with Love, Compassion, and Hope that we would pass down the type of love that He has shown and given us. We became the receivers of His love. Then when our parents had us they became givers and we became the receivers of that love. Love is like a chain that is passed down.

I just want to say thank you for everyone in my life who has shown me kindness. Those who have given me a chance to receive love in many different ways than one. Thank you to my parents for sharing their love and for teaching me so many lessons but most of all for giving me memories that will always have love that follows them. Thanks for God for giving me this time and placed to here on earth with amazing people who have so much to offer this world. I hope that each of you get the chance to know what love feels like wether its receiving it from your parents or an act of kindness from a stranger. That one day you will be able to hold a child in your arms be filled with a mothers love. To find someone who doesn’t only love you for what you look like but looks at you with eyes that smiles because of how pure your heart is and the love that you show them. Love is something that we need to live.

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