Before moving away from home I never thought that I would crave a place in my life. What did my heart truly want? Getting homesick for the first time felt like my heart was being torn a part on the inside. I started to get down and the only thing that I thought would make me feel better was to be home again. All I could think about was what I was missing. I’m not really sure how to explain how this feels, but As time went on I really had time to really think about this I found what my heart really wanted.

Growing up camping and riding horses in the mountains I came to really love adventures. I have so many memories that were built with my family in the mountains and along the creek beds. Camping wasn’t just sleeping in a tent or your camper and not taking a shower for a few days. For me it’s about the way that it makes me feel. The beauty of the mountains make me feel a deep feeling of peace and comfort. Here I feel safe. As if all of my worries go away, nothing in the world can hurt me here. Riding horses makes me feel something different. There is a bond between the horse and the rider, and I personally believe that this bond is very special.When you bond with a horse your souls speak together.I don’t just like to ride any horse, I like to have a connection with that horse. With the mountains and horse back ridding their is one thing that they have in common, which well talk about later but for right now I want you to think about two things that gives you comfort and support?

Back at home I have so many people there that have a special place in my heart and memories we have created together. Moving away made me feel like I was leaving all those memories behind me. It was like I was saying good bye the my loved ones but as well to the life I had there. I would look back and get home sick to the point that I would want to quite what I was doing and move back home. I had to take a step back and see things from a different point of view. What was I really craving? Was it really my home or the life that I had?

My eyes were opened to the whole picture not just the four by six picture but the whole view of it. The things that I couldn’t see before. Being in the mountains with my family was home. Not because of the place but because I was with the ones that I cared about. The bond that we have as a family is something that I hold close to my heart. Know matter where we are as a family that will be my home. I always thought that home was a destination of something that makes you feel safe. For me nothing felt safe untile I was with my family in that place. They gave me the closure that I needed being in that place.

I do have a bad habit of looking back at the memories that I have made with my family and think what could have I done to make it better, when really I should have just looked back and said ” What an amazing time I got with them”. My life will be what it was, It’ll be better than what it is. Why is that? Well being away from home you aren’t really away from home. I have felt my family with me every second of this journey. Sharing new adventures through facetime and with pictures. How amazing is it that we get to still build memories with people even though we may be across the country from them. The heart doesn’t measure distance.

Home is where the heart is. My heart is with and always will be with my family. I would never trade the lessons that I have learned from them and the memories that I have gotten to create with them. The crazy thing is they are with me here in New York even thought they live clear across the country. I get to share what I am doing with them. The memories that I make her I am making here I am making them with them as well because they are always in my heart. My heart calls where ever you are home. I love my family to the moon and back! Find where your heart calls home.

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  1. Danielle reading this made me feel a lot of different emotions. First, I completely share your love of mountains and that special bond with your horse. Second, it made me look back and remember my family. It made me revisit times I was homesick. Last, it made me sorry I didn’t create the kind of bond with my family that your parents did.


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