I love everything that I have but could I live without them? If I had to pick 10 that I could only live with what would I grab? I always keep everything that I get. I don’t want to forget it. So I came up with 10 things that I absolutely can’t live without.

1: Books

Who doesn’t love books? I have always had a love for books. They take you to another universe were adventure awaits. Your heart ends up loving the characters that you thought you wouldn’t even like. I am not a picky reader but I absolutly love reading romance on a rainny day while cuddled up on the coach rapped up in a warm blanket. Reading takes you on adventures. You get to go back in time and see what it was like. What they wear and how they act. You find motivation from some books that open a new view on how you see life.


Who doesn’t love excitment? We all need a good laugh here and there. Adventure gives me the break that I need in my life to make it out a live. It doesn’t have to be big. Just the simple drive with a friend or a family member while listening to music with the windows down. Adventure is what makes those memories come a live. I always remind myself that at the end of today I will only have the memories of what I did, so why not make them filled with some excitment and love?


I am so old fashion! I love hand written letters which I keep every single letter that I have recived. They just make my soul filled with love and joy. Writting is the best way that I am able to tell someone how I feel. I don’t understand why, but I love writing! Hand written letters is the only thing that I ask for when someone ask me what I want. They give you a glimps into that persons thoughts and feelings. When ever I am down and just need a little push I just read the letter. It’s nice to see what others see in you and believe in you because sometimes we forget how amazing we are.

4: Exercises

I don’t think I could even get through a week with out this! Exercise gives me the control that I need. I am a person who likes to be and feel in control of things. I can control how hard I work and that gives me comfort. I know that sounds crazy. It gives me a love for myself that I don’t think I could ever have without taking care of myself.

5: Ranch

Yep you heard right! I love ranch, I don’t think I could go a day with out having it with a meal! My family always teases me about it. They say “you could drink it”…. Okay I’m not that gross, I would not drink it. The best things to have ranch with is pizza and hamburgers. Ranch just gives it a little something extra. It’s weird when I eat them with out it. Ranch is my favorite dressing and always will be!

6: Movies

I love watching movies that just touch your soul. I am a romantic but I do love the movies that get you laughing so hard till you can’t breath. Watching a movie with your family or a friend makes the movie that much better. They just take your mind off things and gives it a break of having to think at all. Movies have away of giving you all the feelings that life has to offer. You can hate a character and then end up loving them. They take you to places that you wish you could go. Some of the movies motivate you to change your life.

7: Phone

Okay so this one I could live without if I needed to. The reason why I say my phone is because it has helped me when I have gotten lost here in New York. It’s easy to get lost and not knowing where in the world you are. My GPS is a life saver!! Who ever invented GPS blesses their souls because they just saved a million lives!!

8: Blankets

I absolutely love blankets. You can just warp up in them and feel complete! They are so soft and cozy. I always have a special blanket that I have to sleep with. Yes I am like a little kid who need her blanket to sleep. You can never have to many blankets!

9: Food

I love food so much. I am always thinking about the next time I get to eat. I do have a sweet tooth. Ice cream is a way to my heart! Eating food just makes you feel complete. One of my favorite foods is taco salad! Yes it does have ranch so that makes it the best.

10: Loved ones

I would not be here if it wasn’t for my loved ones who have been my rock. I get to share so many amazing adventures with them that become the best memories. I love knowing that I can alway turn to them and they will always be there for me. They will make you laugh till you think that you have abs which I wouldn’t mind having! Let’s just say that they are the best!!

What are the things that you absolutely could not live with out?

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