I don’t know about you but February went by so fast for me. It was there and then it was gone. How can time go by so fast without us even knowing? Looking back at February and wondering what did I learn? Did I grow as a person? I started to write down just a few things that I felt like I had learned more about myself or about life. Growth doesn’t have to be this big thing sometimes its the little things in life that make the biggest change of our lives. Those changes can bring different opportunities into our lives that weren’t even there.

Every day felt like it was going by so fast that if felt like I didn’t have enough time to work on the things that I wanted to improve on. I started to stress myself out about things that didn’t really matter. To look at myself and my goals and realize that they weren’t wear I wanted them to be. If time was going to go by fast then I wanted to make the most of it. I started with slowing down and taking a step back.

1: To Enjoy Every Moment

I would always count down the days till the weekend when I didn’t have to work. Every day that I woke up I would always look forward to end of it. I was not living during the day I was trying to survive the day. By the weekend I never felt like I had enough time to myself to what I wanted to do. I was only enjoying two days out of the week. I would dread starting the week again. That’s not because works was bad but because I chose to focus on the wrong things. I was look at my week at I don’t have enough time to myself. I was looking at what I didn’t have.

I started to look at my week as another opportunity to improve myself. To be more patient with the kids that I take care of. To make sure that they are happy but as well as myself. To make the most of my Time whether that was to wake up earlier and spend the few hours that I had before I had to start work doing the things that would make me feel good and happy for the day. I started to go out and explore New York. To get out of my comfort zone. To tell myself that It was okay to be happy and to enjoy what I am doing. By doing this, each day became and adventure. My happiness has grown as well as my desire to do more. I no longer dread the week, I look forward to what new things that it will bring me.

2: Making Sacrifices

Giving up things is not always the easiest thing to do in the world but if that thing is holding you back from reaching your true potential then isn’t it worth giving up? I wanted to be a better person but didn’t feel like I had the time to do it. So I decided to wake up at early in the morning. I was going to creat a routine that I would love. I gave up an hour of sleep just to make that happen. To give myself more time to do my personal study in the morning. Can I tell you how much I have enjoyed this!

Starting my day off with taking care of myself gives me the control of my day that I need. To give up an hour of sleep is nothing compared to a day filled with love and happiness that I get from giving myself that extra hour to have to myself. My life has changed so much just making sacrifices in my life. Giving up things for a better day or a better life in the long run.

3: Only Believe

Okay so this one is one that has really hit me the most. I’m the type of person who likes to plan so far in advanced. I always have a plan, which I always believe that it’ll go that way. Lets just say that life is always throwing me curve balls because my plans always seem to change. This is not easy for me but it has taught me a lot in life to dream big. I have been set on what type of life that I want to have. Some people say to me “that’s a great dream but you know that’ll take a long time to reach and you may not have it. Why don’t you do something else”.

There is a difference between dreaming and believing in it. I found this scripture that totally fits this. Matthew 5:36 “…..Be not afraid, only believe.” reading this made me think about what people said and how it made me fear that I wasn’t good enough to become what I wanted. Seeing the words only believe was something that I truly needed. Why believe what others think of me when I know myself better than they do. Believe in myself is the greatest thing that I can do. Also it was a wake up call to not fear about the future but to believe that God has it under control. Only believe in yourself and not let fear decide who you are.

4: Creating no limits

I have many goals that I want to reach this year which is going to require a lot of work. During February I started out telling myself that I couldn’t go as far as what I thought I could weather it was in my workout or something else. I started to get discouraged because I wasn’t see the results that I wanted within myself. I was having a hard time waking up early and puting more time into me. I started to focus on what it would feel like to reach the goal that I had set for that month. When it came to my workouts I kept telling myself push your self even when I was tired from work. I had to look at what I am doing and why. I can do it that is my moto because I am not setting a limit for myself.

Not having any limits creates room for myself to push harder. Work harder on becoming a better me or being more creative in my writing. Never give yourself limits because then you wont know what type of person you can become when you have no limits. You will never reach your true potential when you have limits that cut you short of what you are worth.

February went by fast but these things that I learned will make March even more rewarding. I saw new things in New York but I saw them with a new pair of eyes. Living in the moment lets me look back and notice how far I have come. The type of person I was and the person I am today as well as the person I can become in this next month. I am excited to see what types of growth I’ll have this month!

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