We all have dreams but have you ever been on Pinterest and found your dream home? Like how could you just pick on style off of Pinterest? Look on Pinterest I have found my dream house!!! One day I will have this dream house. So I have created my dream home off of Pinterest only. Here we go!

I have always wanted to live by the mountains, so picture the view of beautiful mountains right when you walk out of the house.

The snow makes it that much more beautiful. I love the porch but I would only have it all the way around. That’s the only thing that I would change. The old look to it is what I love. I am old fashion and love that style. The red on the added space to the house just makes it look beautiful and seems to make the house stand out more. In the spring time I would definitely plant some beautiful bushes and roses, while having flowers down the side walk. I just think that would bring more color to the house.

Know the kitchen area I have always wanted it to flow into the other rooms. Having to an open space.

I love how open this kitchen is. You would be able to have family gathered around but at the same time still be able to cook in the kitchen with enough room. The look of the wood on the cabinet brings a western look while still making it look up to date. The windows bring enough natural light in. I love that it’s so open. My favorite part about this kitchen would have to be the color of the wood on the ceiling and the cabinets.

I want the kitchen to flow into the living room area. That way you don’t feel closed off when you have visitors.

This living room is like a dream come true!! I don’t think that I could pick just one thing that I love in this room. The open windows would show off the great view that I would have of the mountains. They let in a lot of natural light, the open space that it creates is always a pulse when you want a big family.

The fire place adds to the western feel of this room but most importantly it goes with the wood along the ceiling. This room makes me feel at peace. You know when you walk into a room and your souls just relaxes? Yep, that would be this room.

Know time for the bedroom’s!! We’ll start off with the master room. I would love for all the kids bedrooms to be all on the same floor.

This master bedroom still has a western look to it but it gives that warm feeling. The only think that I’m not sure about is the wood floors. They look great but knowing myself I can totally see myself slipping on the floor from wearing socks! There are enough windows i this room but I would put some pretty curtains on them.

The bathroom to the master bedroom would be connected of course.

I feel like this bathroom is more modern but I really love it, so I would make it work! I would definitely want two sinks in the bathroom. One for me and one for the husband. That way we won’t be in each other’s way. I would make sure that I have a bathtub In the bathroom but that shower! How awesome is it? The lights give this bathroom a more of a warm and light feeling. My favorite part of the bathroom is how the water come down. I know that’s weird, but who has a shower like that?

Know on to the kids rooms. I do one day want a lot of kids so they would need to share a room. Which I believe helps them to learn how to share. As well as their relationship with their siblings.

This would be the girls room and the boys room would look a lot like this but more boyish. The way that the beds are set will make them feel like they have their own space while sharing a room. They have the natural light coming in as well, which will bring that cozy feeling.

The bathroom will look pretty much the same all throughout the house. I wanted something warm and light.

This just keeps the western feel that is all throughout the house. I like that the wood on the wall is more of a grey. I don’t want the bathrooms to feel like it’s to bright but not too dark. The wood on the wall that is holding the stuff up brings it together and makes it flow from the rest of the house.

I plan on having a basement that matches the rest of the house for the kids to hang out and play. I would like to have a guest bedroom in the basement as well.

Pinterest is the best place to create and get ideas for your dream home. Which I could have a million dream homes but good thing I only want one!

With everything that I would love for my future home to look like, it won’t feel like home without the people that I love.

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