Oh what a week! This week just flew by so fast. I couldn’t even get my days straight, which is good and bad. They say time flies when your having fun or just supper busy right?

I feel like Sunday is a day that I look back and think “What happened that week”. Besides the fact that my week went by fast it felt like I was on a roller coster. I woke up not knowing whether I would be throwing my hands up in the air and enjoying the ride or screaming my head off and wanting the ride to be over with. Looking back on the week, I see the little things that gave me that little bit of love and joy through out the week.

The little things that got me through the week are supper simple but simple things are what make the bigest impact. This week I decided that I was going to push myself to try to beat my time for my weekly runs on Saturday’s. There were days that I got off late from work exhausted to the bone , but I kept telling myself that if I just push my self the end results would be worth it. Here comes my Saturday run, feeling ready to beat my time. Guess what? All that hard work was not for nothing, I beat my time form the week before by three minutes. A four and half mile run done with a three minutes improvement! I felt so proud of myself! The word that got I kept telling myself even when I wanted to quit was ” push your self”.

I always start my day with time for myself, which I have found something that I can do that doesn’t involve getting out of bed right away. I wake up and have some study time! I never thought that just half an hour of reading could make me feel so at peace. I feel such a difference through out my day when I study in the morning in and the days that I don’t. My mind and body just feel the peace that my daily study gives me. Doing this each day I feel more productive, but most of all my happiness always increases.

The thing is these things are so little but yet they have the biggest impact on my week. Never forget to look back and see the things that you enjoyed about that week. Write them down, even if it’s a daily three thing’s that you are grateful for that day or for the week. Your view of life will change.

Here’s to a new week that will offer you new growth and adventure!

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