No one really likes Monday’s if we are being honest here. It always meant that the weekend was over and time to go back to work. Dreading the next day, even the week to come. Who wants to live a life like that? I don’t want to live a life like that. Always wishing that I had more weekends in stead of weekdays.

When you think of Monday how does it make you feel? I used to feel like ” oh great here we go again” which is not something that you should ever feel towards the start of the week. I was sick of hating Monday’s. I wanted to enjoy each day and not just two days out to of the week, so some changes needed to be made.

At the end of the week which is Sunday’s, I would write down or just think about what are three things that I really want to work on. Making a goal for the week gives me something to look forward to. Whether it was reading a new book or learning something new. When I started to do that, I got this little sparkle you see when you tell a child that tomorrow is Christmas, but my gift would not be wrapped and under a tree.

My mindset has changed from seeing it as I have to do work to I get to work. I have been looking at my work from a different view as well. Instead of waking up thinking ” I don’t want to go to work” I fill my mind with ” what could I do today to help these kids”. That right there has changed my work in a hug way. Now I am loving my job no matter what the day brings,even if that means that child cries and scream the whole 25 minute drive to gymnastics.

My life didn’t change so that I could love Monday’s. I had to change my mindset. Believing that Monday would offer me new adventures, a chance to become better than the week before as well as a new start. Love Monday’s because they are have more to offer you than what you may think of them. Bring more joy into your life by loving each day and take advantge of what you are given.

Here’s to a beautiful and magical Monday!

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