I always had my mind set that I would not gain any weight when I got older and moved away from home. You see kids that move a way from home for the first time and notice that they have put on some weight or if there bodies just love them so much they don’t gain anything. I was set on that my body loved me so much, that I wouldn’t gain weight when it came time to move away from home.

Well little did I know that moving away from home can have a huge effect on your body, not just physically but emotionally. I have always struggled with self love, I think we all do. The world has this image that we must look a certain way or your not consider beautiful. How messed up is that?

It wasn’t like I was eating really bad or supper healthy before I moved to New York. I was a healthy weight and I stayed active but when I moved to New York there were things that I had to deal with that my body has never experienced before. I had no idea that my body could or would react to it in this way.

As the months went on things stared to get stressful. Keep in mind that I was still active. I went and worked out after work every day but the stress had a mind of its own. The foods that I eat back at home were effcting my body in way that I didn’t understand. I couldn’t eat as much carb, or sugar as I could back home. Which I love sweets, who doesn’t?

When it was time for me to go home for the holidays, I didn’t feel like myself one bit. My body was fighting again me. I put on weight, which made my self esteem go way down. How did I let my self get to this point? Well lets just say that I have an amazing parents who helped me to destress while I was home. By the time I came back to New York I was ready to eat what my body needed and what it could handle.

I started out small with eating six healthy meals a day that were small. Which let’s say was amazing but most importantly it helped me not to crave or binge eat foods that my body couldn’t handle anymore. I also needed something to help with stress because my stress hormones were out of control. You can’t get rid of stress because it comes in different ways in life.

After a month of changing my eating and taking pills to help my stress along with a healthy amount of working out I started to see a change in my body. I did lose a lot of weight that I had put on. I felt so good to just take care of myself. My body felt alive again. It has been a crazy journey but I have learned so much about what my body likes and how to take care of it. It’s hard being away from home but I have grown in so many way. My love for myself has been one of the most rewarding things ever.

I get to learn new things about myself every day along with trying new things to improve myself. Eating healthy along with working out has given me the motivation to improve all aspects of my life.

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