Pinterest is like the best thing that has been invented!! You may ask why? Well let me tell you why, they have everything from the best dessert’s to all you can eat buffet!!! I have so many boards that I have created on Pinterest. My favorite dinners (that I have never eaten but they look yummy), healthy foods, and you can’t forget the best looking dessert’s!!!

I could cook and try all the foods that I like off Pinterest but I just like looking at them. The only thing before I moved away from home that I did cook off of Pinterest was a white chocolate chip cookie and boy did it taste delicious!

I had no idea that when I started to nanny here in New York that I would be cooking off of Pinterest. If I would have known that I think I would need some help! I’m not a bad cook but I’m definitely not a chief that’s for sure. Let’s just say that I learned the only way could, which was the hard way.

My foods never looked like the pictures that they show you. I can follow a recipe but what they give you off Pinterest you need be prepared because you’ll end up not using everything that they tell you to use.

I remember this one time when I made dinner for the family that I work for and thinking oh crap, this looks so disgusting! I wasn’t sure if it would taste as bad as it looked and I was definitely not willing to find out. The bright side of cooking off Pinterest is that I have tried many recipes that I love and some that I definitely do not like.

I’m pretty sure that by the end of this I’ll be a half decent cook! I really don’t follow the recipes all the way and maybe that’s why they never look like the pictures but oh well. It always depends on how much time I have to make it or if the family doesn’t like one thing that’s in it, so you don’t put it in. I have found that when you make something for someone they always believe that they should give you pointers, sometimes you just got to shrug what they say.

I have really enjoyed cooking and never thought that I would this much. I’m not sure if it’s because they kids are both sleeping or one is school so the house is quiet. I have my music playing while I cook. Yes, this is definitely my me time during the day. If I were you I would definitely put your Pinterest boards to work. Try making one of your desserts or dinner ideas that you like. You may end up loving it and if you don’t well then you got a fun story to tell! Have a great weekendđź’•

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  1. lasagnea looks so good. I agree with you that cooking is the best soothing exercise if one do it right. I love to cook as well and bakes the best cupcakes .


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