How is life always changing around us?We may not be ready for those changes but the world seems ready for us to change, grow with out us even knowing it. This week I definitely had something new and changing in my life. I have had a lot of first these past eight months, which I am grateful for. I have not been away from home on my birthday, which I love birthday’s! Why not celebrate another year of life as well as the year to come? I wasn’t worried about being away but more of curious of how it would be. Well lets just say that it will be a day that I am so grateful for.

The Family that I work for and live with have been amazing to me. They were so sweet and got me a birthday cake. The really sweet thing about this is they knew what I like, like I love ice cream so they got me an ice cream cake with sprinkles in the middle instead of chocolate because I cant have chocolate. The little detail of that just made me feel loved. The little girl was so excited to have cake with me, the whole day she kept asking me if she could help me blow out my candles. She was waiting so patiently for me to get back from my daily workout that when I walked through the doors she had alexa play happy birthday and with that I got a home made card! The card is something that I will keep forever. This happened the day before my birthday because I was going to working for someone else the night of my birthday. The reason why I share this with you is because even though I am away from home I have people who care and wanted to celebrate me.

My Oreo Ice Cream Cake from my work Family

I am not one who likes to be on the spot so I always change the subject when I get nervous of being on the spot but this day it was more about the little girl. See the thing is she was so excited to give me cake but in return I made sure that she knew what she had done was very special and that she was special. It’s all about the little things.

The day of my birthday was a normal day, I worked all day like I mean I only got 20 min to myself to ear dinner and then I got back home at midnight but what happened through out the day is something that I will never forget. I got many sweet birthday text that meant so much to me. I have so many people in my life who hold a very special place in my heart, so thank you for everyone who wished me a happy birthday. As the day went on I was just about to leave the house with the kids to an activity that day as I hear the door bell ring. I am a reck, I am running all over the place grabbing snack, socks, shoes and the kids. Getting to the door seeing a lady with beautiful flowers I was confused till she asked for me. Who would send me flowers? My beautiful and amazing family is who sent them.

The most beautiful flowers I have ever gottenđź’•

At this point I just feel tears coming, why do I feel like I am going to cry? I’m not sad, so what was going on? I got just a second to look at them and run out the door to get to her activity on time. My heart was filled with love not just any type of love but the love that feels your soul. This little thing had made my day but as well as my week. I am so lucky or I should use the word blessed to have people who care about me.

The things is about this is that no matter how far I am from home or who I am with it’s the little gestures. I am not the person who wants people to buy things for me, I would rather have a little note. Those things last a life time. With this I have looked at each day differently by seeing the small acts that are done but making sure that I am doing those little acts to others because no matter what day it is everyone deserves to know that they are loved. See and act on those little things! See, seek God’s hands in your day!

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