Who ever thought that I would ever go to a Yankees game? I sure did not think that I would be in a place that was filled with million people watching a baseball game. It all started with a bucket list that I have created, I check off one or a few items off the list once a month. The weather here in New York has been warm, well from what I am used to this is considered warm weather! With being so busy in March I wasn’t sure if I was going to go out and experience one of my items off my bucket list but on Wednesday I just had a thought that I should go to a Yankees game. It was going to be nice outside and who doesn’t love being out side on a beautiful day?

I was planing on going by myself but then I thought it would be fun to invite someone to go along with me, so I invited another nanny that I have meet here. I was excited to find out that she would be able to go with me to the game. I’m not even sure who I can even put into words of how excited I was to not only be able to check something off my list but that I would be going to a Yankees game not only by myself but with someone. The only thing that I needed to do was get our tickets and that did not take long to get but I was forgetting something…. I definitely needed to wear something that symbolized the Yankees. I already have tons of hate but I don’t own any New York shirts or a Yankees shirt so with that I went out and got one! Now I am beyond excited about Saturday!!!

March 30,2019 was finally here! Which means game day!!! Oh how I was up early and ready for what the day would bring. I started my day off with my Saturday run, which the whole time I was running I couldn’t stop thinking about what the day was going to bring!! On our way to the game let’s just say that, that was an adventure. I was using an app which I gave used a few times in the city to get to places and haven’t yet got lost till this day. We ended up catching the wrong train and needed to hop on to another one to get where we were going. Good thing we were able to get to the right place.

Yankees Stadium

Arriving At the Yankee stadium I was amazed at how big it was! They had police officers blocking off the roads leading up to the building. The amount of people that were outside of the game was beyond what I had in mind. Getting was not a big deal, but getting to our seats was crazy. The amount of levels this building has is mind blowing.

When we get to our seats my heart is pounding like it’s about to jump right out of my chest. My mind was racing with so many thoughts and feelings. How in the world did I get here? Who knew that I would be at a Yankees game? All of these thoughts were filling my mind. I just felt so grateful to have the chance to be here. Looking at the filed with the players on the field was pretty neat to see.

Yankees Filed

While watching the game I definitely need popcorn! Who doesn’t love popcorn? I wasn’t really in the mood for the other foods that they had there plus the lines to get anything was so long and I didn’t want stand in line forever. The popcorn was definitely worth it!!

This is on my left side of my seat!

When they started to show people on the screen the people started to go crazy! It was like being in tv or something. It was pretty entertaining to watch. The best part is when they showed Jenifer Lopez! I never thought that I would be in the same place as someone famous. I was so excited and totally a fan! Could this day get any better?? To end the day we were going to grab a bite to eat but everything was so crowded that we just decided to get back home. As we were on our way back I was thinking of everything that has happened that day. How amazing blessed I am to be able to go and experience all theses new things. It makes me even more excited to see and do new things here in New York!! If any of you have ideas of things that is a must see in New York please leave them in the comments!! I’m up to adding more things to my bucket list✨

This day will forever be one of the best memories ✨

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