This month has given me so much to be grateful for. I didn’t expect to go through the things that this month has brought me, but I will say that without those things I could not have grown.

Ever since I was little I always wanted to improve the person I was. Which meant reading lots of personal development books and being disciplined. Little did I know that as we grow we get the opportunity to re-fined who we are. I have this picture of the type of person I want to be, how could I ever be able to become that person?

Over the years I have made some choices that have not been easy but in the end the choices that I made have brought me a step closer to the type of person that I desire to be. See the thing about our dreams and desires is that the only way to grow into that person is to live life. To make choices that are hard, but yet they will being the most growth to us.

Time is something that we can’t get back, so why are we wasting it on things that are keeping us in the same spot? With out a goal or an idea of who we want to become, we will never move forward but only backwards. The choice to be homeschooled and the choice that I have made to move away from home was to be give myself the opportunity to grow. Even if that meant I would only grow a little. Every step I take is step closer to the person I want to be.

Life has so much to offer us if we only let it teach us. The choices we make today will determine the person we become tomorrow.

What we feed our minds is what will grow is what my mom would always told me and she was right! Whatever I put into my mind would not only grow as I kept feeding it but when I would stop feeding the good and feed the bad I felt like I was stuck. I had no idea on what I wanted in my life or who I was. That is the worst feeling ever. So I have chosen to make sure I am feeding the good but as well making the chose to grow in that direction.

Love is one of the most powerful emotions. Love can heal any broken soul, but it can also hurt. This month I had to deal with a medical issue and with that I always knew that I had so many people who cared about me but it never really hit me how much they truly care. Seeing and hearing the kind and powerful words that they would say to me always gave me the courage that no matter the outcome of this I had so many people there to help me. Their love gave me courage and strength. Never be afraid to love someone or to let that person love you. You never know what impact you can have on someone. It could change their life forever.

Be the person you want to have in your life ✨

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