I don’t know about you, but I love the feeling of seeing all the beautiful flowers that start to pop out of the ground, the new leaves that are making their way onto the trees. The new life that April bring has to be one of my favorite months of the year.

Spring is the meaning of a new start of something beautiful. The new life that start to create and grow. Our souls start to crave something new and exciting!

I feel like this year is moving at such a fast pace, will it ever slow down? April seemed to be one of those months that was here and gone in a blink of an eye, but just like any other month I look back and I see the lessons that April has brought me.

I got to visit home for a week, which I loved ever second of it. It was a different feeling then the first time that I got to visit home, in a good way! I got to my friends and wonderful family friends. I laughed a lot which is great for the soul!! When I came back to New York the adjusting back to the normal routine has been a little difficult but I’ll get back to what is “normal” here.

I think the biggest lesson that April helped me learn was to be willing to adjust and let new things come into my life. I don’t really like change unless I am the one who decides to make those changes. When something happens or that could affect my plans I start to freak out.

I used to never be okay with having to change or adjust my plans. When I went home and had some medical stuff that came up, I knew that if the outcome came back a different way that my plans would change. At first I was terrified, my five year plan would be thrown out the window. It would affect so many people in many different ways. At that point I had no idea what I was going to do.

Later on that week the test came back clean and I was good. Between that time I came to be okay with whatever path that God would lead me to, knowing that whatever one He picked for me He would be by my side.

This is the biggest lesson that I have been taught. Just as the new flowers are coming to life they don’t know what is a head. How many storms they might have to endure or how many peddles they may shed to finally reach their true beauty.

I will forever be grateful to what April has brought into my life. Knowing that I am strong but that I am stronger with God than alone.

May this month bring new life and a stronger you than what you were. Thank God for the beauty that is around you, for He is the one how put it in your path❤️

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