This weekend was one of the best day’s that I have had in a long time! I just can’t believe that I have been able to check so much off my New York Bucket List. With only having a few more months here in New York, I really want to see everything that I can. To be able to experince many things that I would not have the chance to at home.

Looking at my list I chose to do three things, but I didn’t really want to do it alone. I want to be able to share these things with someone but I ended up going alone and lets say that I don’t regrate going by myself. I do better when I am alone which is crazy to think but in many ways I did get to share it with someone, my family!

Waking up at 6:30, I know that is early but I have made it a habbit to wake up early and start my day right. I was so excited that it is finally Saturaday! I had the whole day planed out, which if you know me you know that I love to plan and I need to plan. I did my normal routine for the morning, which consist of my personal study, workout and a healthy yummy breakfast!

After getting ready for the day and getting my bag packed with the things that I would need in the city I grabed a light lunch so I wouldn’t have to stop and get something to eat. I decided to catch the train at 11:30, so I head out to walk to the train which only take you 11 minuntes to walk.

I thought that I would be more nervous than what I was. Going into the city alone, to an area that I have not yet been to, but Surprisingly I wasn’t scared or anything. Ariving at Grand Centrual which by the way is gorgeous! I put in where I wanted to go, I needed to get on the 7 train but I need to walk to it outside because it was supose to be faster but little did I know that the path that I was following was the train one on the map not the walking one( which in my case they were two different colors so..). I ended up just deciding that I would just walk to the Hudson Yard.

I love walking, not that taking the train is bad or anything but you get to see so much more. The buildings are all so tall, which always blows my mind. The different verity of people that you see.

As I was getting closer to the Hudson Yard building I felt these little butterflies in my stomach. I was so excited, I just couldn’t stop smiling. Trying to walk faster as I came closer to the building. Looking around there were so many people that were all going to the same place. How can there be so many people in one place? I don’t think that I will ever get used to seeing so many people in the city.

Walking up to the building I am amazed at how tall and big it was. I didn’t know what to think from all the pictures that I saw before coming and seeing it for myself. All the buildings that were surronding it were so tall. Which all the buildings that are surrounding it are shopping malls. I didn’t end up going into the malls just because I had other things on my mind that I wanted to do and the wheather was beautiful that I just didn’t want to be inside.

They had trees and flowers that they had planted that were all around it. I just couldn’t believe that I am seeing what I am at this moment. I’m pretty sure that It still hasn’t hit me that I am living in New York, even though it has been 9 months since I have been living here. Everyone is taking pictures because who wouldn’t want to? It’s a new building for goodness sake! And yes I got one too.

Hudson Yard

Coming closser to the building you could see your reflection in it. After I walked around and got a picture I went in line to get a ticket but they have cerntian times that you can go in so that it’s not so crowed. My ticket was till 4:20 so I had about three hours till I could go in so I decided that while I waited I would go check off walking the High Line off my list.

The High Line used to a train track that they turned into a path for people to walk on, there more about it but I didn’t stop to read them. From the High line you can see the Hudson Bay which the view was beautiful.

Hudson Bay

I’m not sure how long I walked along the High Line but the things that I saw were pretty neat. Were I come from you won’t really see anything like this. I didn’t rush my time but I ended up walking slow, which pretty normal for me. I took the time to observe everything that was around me. All the different building and the art that I got to see while I was walking.

High Line

I ended up sitting on a bench to read so I could give my legs a break. I read for a little bit but then I started to people watch, which always amazes me because of how different we all are. We all come from different places which makes what we value in life different. I noticed people holding hands and laughing, some were eating their lunch with a friend or a loved one. The smiles that were on people’s faces. This was a part of their daily lives.

High Line

When 4:20 finally comes around I got to go in the building and let me tell you I decided I was going to go to the very top! I am terrified of Heights, not just a little but a lot.

From the top of the Hudson Yard, looking down

Climbing all the way to the top didn’t take me very long but the whole time I was walking up these stairs my heart was pounding so fast. I just couldn’t believe that I am doing this. It was so high up! I finally reach the very top and I just felt like if the building ever crashed that I would die. Totally freaking out while I was on the phone with my mom showing her the view from the top. I do have to say that it was absolutely beautiful and so worth facing my fear.

The next stop on my list was Carlo’s Bakery. I have always wanted to go there and today was my chance! The walk all the way there was pretty neat. I seem to always be so surprised at how beautiful the city is.

Finally reaching Carlo’s Bakery I hurry to face time my mom to show her where I was.

There were so many people inside I felt a little overwhelmed. Looking around and seeing everything that they had I decided to get a shirt as a souvenir.

Not really knowing what to get, I decided that I should get whatever was their top favorite that everyone gets. Which was the Lobster Tall and another one that I can’t remember but it had chocolate so I couldn’t go with that one.

After I got my Lobster Tall I headed home. I wanted to wait till I eat my dinner from my favorite diner to eat my Lobster Tall. I couldn’t wait to see what it tasted like. When I finally got back to the house and finished my dinner I was more than ready to taste the Lobster Tall.

Lobster Tall

To say that it was amazing is an understatement. I don’t even know if I can describe how amazing it tasted!!

Today was an amazing day! I got to see so many things but most of all I got to share it with my family. I really think that the reason why I love going and checking off these things is that I truly get to share them with those that I love most. The distance between my family and I will never be far enough that my love and appreciate won’t reach them. This day will be one that I will remember for ever. My heart is truly filled with gratitude and much love. I can’t wait to check more off my New York Bucket List!

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