Staring at your name that is written across the cement tombstone, my heart aches to see you smile and laugh the way you did.

The way you would always light up the world with your bright eyes.

Knowing that you always had a desire to make a difference in the world from the moment you put on that uniform.

Always believing that you would return home to us.

Never thinking that I would be here holding our little girl without you.

You wanted a better future to give her.

You gave her more than a better future, you gave her freedom, love, and strength. As you watch from the sky’s above, I only hope that you see how brave and strong she is, she gets that from you.

My sweet husband my heart earns for your touch, the sound of your voice. My heart is grateful to the brave man you are, to give you our daughter a better future in this world.

I love you with everything that I have.

Till we meet again Love.

To the Men and Woman who gave their lives for this country Thank You!

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