I don’t think that I have enjoyed New York as much as I did this past weekend. I can honestly say that having someone to share the beauty of the world with is absolutely astonishing.

Spending three days with my parents in the city gave me a different view of New York. When I first saw my parents I just couldn’t stop smiling, I couldn’t believe that my parents are here even if it was for a few days.

I’m going to try not to make this post so long so I’m just going to cut to the point. My family has been the biggest support group ever, however my parents have always encouraged me to follow my heart and what I think is best for myself as well as my life. Going through ups and downs of life they have always been there for me.

Being able to see New York City as well as make friends here, I have created a life for myself here in New York. Adventuring out of my comfort zone to see the beauty here. I finally got to show someone the life that I have been living for almost a year.

From seeing the 9/11 memorial to walking the Brooklyn Bridge, the many laughs and smiles that went with it all. Having the opportunity to introduce my parents to the few people who have been a blessing to my life while opening my mission call with them all in Central Park.

That weekend really brought a new perspective to the life that I am living now. Our hearts know how to love but falling in love with the world as well with the life you have is something that we learn and come to realize that we knew how to all a long. I got to look at my life from my parents view. I’m so humbled at what I saw, how blessed I am to have the people here that have helped me throw rough times. The amazing things that I get to see that I would never have been able to see, the person that I have grown into.

The heart only grows when we let it. We have to allow ourselves to become the person that we desire. It will never be easy but it will be worth everything. You will love more, be loved, and most of all happy with the life you have. Some times you have to show love, to let the world know that you are ready for it.

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