I’m going to try to keep this blog post short, but My Hope is that you will understand what I am trying to get across.

As my time is coming to end of this chapter of my life, I have been in that state of being so close to reaching the end of the chapter but still writing my story.

I have been so consumed with many emotions that I have became blinded by what is really being written in this chapter. I was trying to think of what it should have been like, wishing things could have gone my way instead of how it has turned out.

I’m grateful that the door that opens to the next step or chapter in my life is locked. If I had the key in this moment I would end the chapter right now with out finishing it.

Looking back at what has been written I saw or noticed something that I don’t think I’ll ever nor want to forget.

God has always been with me even in the many moments that I have felt the most alone in this chapter. Seeing the people that he has placed in my life that I will forever be grateful for, the way that God has solved my worries and most of all has forgiven me for the many mistakes that I have made.

I am in no way perfect. Throughout my time here in New York I have in many ways focused on what I didn’t have (which I just did this last week). I wish I could go back in time and do it all over again while looking only at what I have.

Finishing this chapter I am not going to look back and feel sorry for that girl that had a hard time enjoy or seeing what God gave her. I will end this chapter being the girl who thanked God for that lesson, the miracles that have been given to me, for the people that have blessed my life here, and most of all I will be the woman that God wanted me to become from this chapter.

God knows our hearts, worries, fears, and trials, yet He always seems to solve them without saying a word.

“God is so generous that He gives us grace that we do not deserve, love that we cannot comprehend, and mercy that we cannot resist.” ~unknown

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