How many times are you going to look right at me and never see what I see?

The way your eye’s light up when you hear your favorite song, while you dance along to the music.

I get to see every thing that makes who you are, so why can’t you see it?

The you that wakes up with a bare face, messy hair that is not done to perfection.

The person that always seems to get tooth paste all over her mouth when brushing.

Your eyes that have cried to many tears, while looking in at me and saying “I’m not enough”.

The way the sun makes those freckles that you don’t like appear on your face.

The girl that is beautiful without makeup or her hair done perfect.

The thing is I see someone that is not only beautiful on the out side but who has beauty on the inside.

To you, you only see the things that the world thinks had to be perfect, but my dear I see who you truly are.

The reflection you see when you look at me is not the you I see.

While you tear yourself apart right in front of me, my heart shatters into a million pieces.

You are hurting the person that I love most.

One day you’ll look at someone and see their true beauty, not just what’s on the outside but how beautiful their soul is.

That is what I see when you look at me, my Love.

This is written from the mirrors point of view. It’s interesting how we become so hard on ourselves because we don’t fit into the categories that society has created. We end up seeing ourselves from our flaws instead from our strengths. We may not have the “perfect body” or be as “smart” as what society thinks we should be to considered with loving. I believe that as we look at our souls and see the beauty that they have that we will be able to see the beauty of others.

Just be patient enough to find that someone who sees past your looks but sees your soul!

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