I believe that we all go through a phase of feeling lost, not knowing who we are or where we belong. Do we even derserve to be loved? Could anyone love someone who is as broken as I am?

In this life we are bound to feel these emotions and some times we may go through them more than once. I know that in my life I have felt these and even asked myself those questions to many times. Being as human as we can be, we will always hit rock bottom.

I have felt and wondered if I would ever get out of this hole that I am in. Would I just have to settle for what my life is? Am I as alone as I feel? Life is never the same for everyone but all of these emotions we all get to experience in life because we are human.

I’m not sure why I always seem to feel lost in the world when I get closer to the next chapter of my story. Is it the unknown of what that chapter holds? I may never know the answer to that question right now but maybe one day I will.

Even if i feel like I’m too broken to be fixed. That all the pieces that have made me whole are breaking, shattering to pieces while they collided with the ground that is beneath my feet. Leaving a path of where I have been. A piece of who I was left behinde. To busy wipping the tears that have fallen down my cheek from the feeling that was left behind from the broken pieces that have fallen off.

I know that I have felt and seen pieces of who I am break off but what I never relized is that with every piece that has broken off a new one has started to fill that empty space. I think that we hold on to the person who we used to be because we are to scared to love and admire the new piece that has filled that emptiness.

Growing as a person can be scary and beautiful all at once. With each chapter of our story we leave who we were while turining the page to th beinning of the chapter to the person that we are becoming.

Life is hard and I won’t say that It’s easy but the growth that comes from every chapter of our story, the many pieces that break off tothe new pieces that have grow, life is worth living while loving it.

Know matter how broken, lost or even alone you may feel just remember that you are the author to your story. Create as many chpaters as you want. Write the ending of your story the way you want, just remember that each chapter you write can bring you closer to the person you want to end your story with. One day your story will be the thing that brings love, hope and light to somone elses story.

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