After living In New York I made the decision to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints. I’m so excited that I get to share the things that I not only learn but the experiences that I will have. I’ve been in Minnesota for about three months now.

With adjusting to being a missionary I have learned a lot not only about myself but about the world. I want to share a story about an experience that happened over Christmas.

My companion and I decided to do a hot chocolate stand just right in front of the Dollar story the weekend right before Christmas. We weren’t sure how well it would do but we were just so excited!

As we started to unload the stuff to set up we noticed that the sun started to come out. We just knew that It was going to be a great day! Just after we got everything set up this lady comes over to us and she just asks us why we would be crazy enough to have a free hot chocolate stand? That we were just crazy for such a thing, that no one ever does this. As we got talking more we just told her why we were doing it. All we wanted to do was to spread Christmas spirit to everyone.

The way her eyes just soften with in second of those words that just came out of our mouths, I knew that something inside her had soften. She then just said with a sparkle of love in her eyes that we were special type of people.

With every person that came by she would tell them to look at us and say they are not like the rest. We got to visit with many other people as well that touched my heart just because they had love in their eyes from a simple act of love.

Later on we decided that we would go caroling to some members in our ward. As we got to the nursing home of one of our members who is in a memory care, I wasn’t sure what to expect just because I have never meet this lady. When we found her we gave her the Christmas card and candy cane that we had for her.

We talked with her for a little bit but the lady next to her just wanted to talk to us. Lois just told us about herself and my companion gave her a card that had a beautiful painting that was purple. A lovely smile with her beautiful eyes that just sparkled with such love as the words came out of her mouth ” I love this, purple is my favorite color”.

My heart in that moment filled with a love that I never knew I could have someone that I just meet. Lois wanted to show us her art work that she has done, so we ended up going to her room. As she showed us all her lovely art work, you could see the love in her eyes! She told us that she loves to dance……. in that moment I never thought that I would be dancing with a lady that has a beautiful soul.

As reached out and grabbed my hands and starts to twirl me around. Fun fact for this moment, I cannot dance to save my life, but in this moment it didn’t matter because the way that her face looked was worth every moment of it.

Lois wanted us to sing her some Christmas songs but she wanted everyone else to hear it as well. When we got out to where everyone was, we started to sing “Angles We have Heard on High”. When I looked up in that moment I didn’t see a lady who had memory loss, I saw a lady who has the most beautiful soul that I have ever seen. With tears running down her face and a sparkle in her eyes I knew in that moment it was nothing that my companion and I had done. The feeling that was in that room was the presence of our Savior. He touched her soul in away that none of us can. Only by the act of love may we show those around us the love of our Savior.

While I was trying to bring the Christmas spirit into others lives, they were the ones who brought love into my heart. The greatest way to find happiness in life is through the small things in life. To see people through their hearts and not whats on the outside.

With these memories I will hold them close to my heart. Never forgetting how these people gave me the gift of love this Christmas. Caring it with me through the New Year. With love in my heart and beautiful people that I meet my life will not only be changed but my soul has been touched. Who knew that a simple moment would change you?

In just a simple moment a soul can be touched, just as the Savior touches our souls by the moment of love! May every moment bring the Love of our Savior into every heart!

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  1. Great job Danielle thanks for sharing your experience about the spirit of Christmas may strive to have it all year. Love ya Dad


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