The week started off just like any other week, cold and trying to wear as many layers as I could fit on my body! As the week went on I just didn’t feel right, something was off. I didn’t really have any motivation to go out and tract or be out in the cold. I just wasn’t feeling like myself, nothing was making sense.

The joy that I have felt from doing missionary work just wasn’t there. I will say that, that just bugged me so bad. I was just hoping and praying for something to just click and I would feel like me again. The type of person who loves just talking to people and hearing their stories. No matter what they would say to me that joy and love that I had for what I was doing was always there but this time it felt like it was gone.

I started to look back on the times that I had felt that joy and that love. Going back to when we decided to go out and do some service when it was snowing. We had decided to go out and shovel some drive ways for people. We got to this one house and when the man opened the door he was surprised that not only were there sister missionaries on his door but two girls wanted to shovel his drive way, just because all we wanted to do was help and serve them. You could see in his eyes the shock and tenderness that was there.

After we had finished we went back to our car to make a quick phone call before we went to do another drive way. I saw the man walk over to our car and at first I thought we had parked in the a spot that wasn’t allowed, a little scared I opened the door as he came up and to my surprise he had two candies in his hand. He said that he wanted to give this even though it wasn’t much but to just say thank you. Our hearts just filled with so much love. After that we wanted to shovel every drive way just because we could tell how much it helps people but that they feel loved! That was a time when I knew that I loved being a missionary.

Shoveling Drive ways, A sweet man gave us candy!

On Saturday we noticed that there was an event going on at Fireman’s Park. We decided to go over and talk to some people. We meet a man named Drew, we started to talk about the event that was going on and how long they have been doing it. As we got talking he noticed that we were missionaries even before we said that we were and that is probably because of our name tags but hey that moment that he just knew made my day! He asked us if we have ever done kick sledding, we both just look at each other with a very confused look on our faces because we were two girls who had never heard of kick sledding!

What even is kick sledding? You could tell that he got all excited because we had no idea what it was. He went on telling us all about it and how you do it. He asked us if we would like to do it. Between the really long pause and confused look on both of our faces we said sure! In that moment we both were laughing because of how fun it was but also because it was something new. The cool thing about this is that we got to talk to Drew about what he likes and what his passion was. We talked about where were from when we came back to him.

Kick Sledding at Fire Mans Park

Latter on that day we went over to see Mandy a lovely lady who has a heart of gold! With laughter, tears and stories being shared between the three of us I realized something. The joy and love that I was wanting was right in front of me. From shoveling drive ways to talking to Drew and laughing with a friend it was always there, I just wasn’t looking.

Sister Christensen , Mandy Murphy, Sister Wright

Just with everything in life we sometimes over look the things that we want. They are always right in front of me. God was answering me, when I had asked him for the joy and love that I had felt before. It has always been in the little things. The people we talk to, the memories we make with people and the stories we share. Its the love that God gives us in different ways. All we have to do is look close enough in each day to see them! They are there and will always be there becauase you are loved.

I am so grateful for the people that I get to meet while sharing the gospel and love of our Heavenly Father! Its in the memories that are made with love that will fill our hearts with the pure love of Christ!

“When you know your life is being directed by God, regardless of the challenges and disappointments that may and will come, you will feel joy and peace” – President Russell M. Nelson

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