Never in my life did I think that I would have crazy stories to tell from my mission… Well I was so wrong! The craziest things don’t always happen around people but some of the best stories that are found are behind the curtains.

It all started when I thought my companion was eating the candy that we have been trying to give away. On Monday morning as I was trying to make breakfast I found a piece of white chocolate recess wrapper ripped apart with little nibbles on it left on the stove top. Um…. what? I asked her if she has been eating that candy while I was laughing but I found out that she has not been eating them.. Well then we found some lovely mouse droppings in one of our bottom cabinet. Lets just say that we both were freaking out a little.. well maybe a lot!

We ended up getting some traps from our landlord lady. On Wednesday night we set out the sticky trap and went to bed a little scared about what may happen. At four am Thursaday morning having to go to the bathroom so bad because I drank way to much water but just when I was about to get out of the bed I heard a noise. Like something was on the sticky trap… a little sliding noise and sticky sound, I jumped back in bed and decided that I would not be getting out of it till the alarm went off.

After the alarm went off we decided to go out to check. I most defiantly had my companion go first. We turn on the light and the moment we saw three mice on the trap moving, the light were quickly turned off and both of us ran right back to the bed room. We ended up calling one of the Elders to see if they wouldn’t mind taking care of them for us when they came through our area to go to transfers. We then decided that we would not be making breakfast in our apartment, so we went to chick-fil-a!

Sister Christensen, Sister Wright
Breakfast At Chick-Fil-A

The week went on, with breakfast on the lake with our ward. I have never been on a frozen lake and I defiantly never thought that I would be. On our way over to the lake right when we got there we saw how cold it was and lets say I forgot my coat! I always leave it in the car when we get back for the night but I forgot that I took it in so we had to run all the back but we made it in time to eat some yummy pancakes and ham!

The thing that made this amazing was the conversation that we were able to have with members of the ward. How kind they really are, the love that is truly there between each person. I love laughing with everyone and seeing the smiles that they all have on their face. Watching the kids run and play around on the lake was really neat to see. The friendships that were between each of the kids, this is what the church is about. Coming together, laughing together, helping each other and most of all loving one another no matter what!

At the end of the day we noticed that we still had some mice so we decided to set up some more traps. Our kitchen floor was covered in traps, there was no way that we wouldn’t get them! We ended up just getting one but it was a live again! We knew that the Elders wouldn’t come and get them this time so we had to come up with an idea how to get rid of them…. A box was a great idea. We got the box, tied a string to it so that we could lower it down on top of it. We got it covered but then how would we get the mouse in the box without touching it or seeing it? The only thing to do was to get another flat box and slid it under… To say the least it worked and no longer in the apartment! Hopefully we have no more!

With all the crazy things that have happened this week, I am just grateful for the laughter that I was able to have. It may not have been like any of the other weeks that we have had but the thing is we decided to have fun with it. In Alma 30:8 it says”…Choose ye this day, whom ye will serve.”, during the week I choose happiness, love,joy, and laughter. Each day we wake up having to make a choice whether or not we will choose to serve God, which is helping others but as well as enjoying the adventures that He gives us in our lives! I woke up each morning not knowing if we would find a mouse in the kitchen but with joy and excitement for what the day will bring.

It’s a beautiful thing that we have today, to make that choose to serve happiness or our fears. It all comes down to us. ” Now was not this exceeding joy? Behold, this is joy which none receiveth save it be the truly penitent and humble seeker of happiness.”(Alma 27:18). May we all choose happiness even when we may be standing in the mist of a storm, because where there is happiness there is pure joy that fills any soul no matter how broken it maybe!

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