“Love is making space in your life for someone else” – By Neill F. Marriott

The word love has been on my mind these past few weeks. I’ve always wondered how the Savior could love someone, even a stranger. The unconditional love that He shows not only me but each one of us, how does He do that? What would it feel like to have a love like that? 

My companion and I decided that for Valentines Day we would make cookies for our friends in the area, for those who might feel a little alone. While thinking of when we could, as well as where we could make them. We ended up going over to one of the members in our ward to make the cookies. 

She is such a sweet lady!!! While we were making them, our friend Allie comes over and without us even knowing she had made the most beautiful little cards to go with our cookies for people! My heart just instantly filled with so much love. I was speechless. Why would they do that? How can I express my gratitude and love for what these two women have not only done for us but for all of the other people that would receive a simple gift that was created with so much love! 

Later on as we were tractin we ran into a lady named Alex. She was outside cooking on her grill. As we got talking with her, you could just feel her love that she not only had for her family. At the end she kept giving us hugs and telling us that we are here “Sugar Bugs”. I just love this lady so much!!! 

We ended up stopping by her home later in the week to see how she is doing. She told us what was going on, how she was struggling. We offered to say a prayer with her. As my companion was praying you could feel the love that was all around us. When the prayer was over she just started to cry. My heart sank, how can something so simple touch someone’s heart? 

The week went on but as I started to look back on the events that have happened. I started to notice how Christ could love each one of us even when we may seem like strangers. 
Love is and has always been with in us. All we have to do is look at their hearts. Our love will always shine through our eyes, felt with our hearts. 

” The important work of this world is done, for the most part, by ordinary people who do their work in an extraordinary way” – Gordon B. Hinckley

We never have to be the same or even do things just as someone else to show our love. Your love is beautiful because it comes from your soul, which is precious to God. 

The power of love has the power to heal the hearts of many. The time we spend, the laughter that is shared, and the love will always stay in our hearts! 

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