October 2019, Covid-19 started in China and slowly made its way into the United States. The light that had flooded the world seemed to slowly disappear as the darkness that came from a virus has taken its hold on the world. Is the light really gone?

When Covid-19 started to affect the world in ways that none of us even though that could happen, it was like the light that was within us, slowly started to disappear, leaving us feeling a little empty, uncertain and just maybe all hope that was in us is gone.

I certainly never thought that there would be a virus that could ever have this big of an impact on the world nor did I ever think that I would be out on my mission at this time during it. The changes that have been throughout the world has made me rethink what my life focus should be on. How could I ever have the light that was in my life before the Covid-19 came and changed it all?

On Monday, April 6,2020 after we had dinner feeling like we needed some fresh air. Grabbing our coats as we walk out the door. While we were on our walk I started to get lost in my own thoughts as I was enjoying the fresh air, seeing so many people out being active. The path that we were walking on was lined with trees on both sides. I was so excited to see what it would look like in the summertime, how beautiful the trees would look. I suddenly saw a lady walking toward us, she had her hand running along the fence. I wasn’t sure why she was doing that but as she got closer to us I had noticed that she was blind. Just right before she passed me, the sun had rested on her face through the trees.

At that moment time just stopped, It was like everything around me was on hold. I got to see the lady’s beautiful face light up from the way that the sun had brought a warm feeling to her. It not only brought a beautiful smile to her face but you could see how that sun touched her soul. Everything about her had changed. The way she walked, the emotion that showed on her face.

I knew in that moment that God was trying to show me something. It was not a sunny day but in that moment the sun decided to shine not only to shine but to shine on her. Giving her light, warmth and love. It was a small but a simple thing that had changed her in that very small moment.

As I look back on everything that has happened in the past month, moving to a new area with only being there for a week and having to move again, to not being able to go outside unless its to go for a walk, having our lessons through the phone, celebrating my birthday with everything that is going on, and seeing many missionaries going home because of this. I have felt in my own life a darkness but just as the lady was touched by the sun, I too have been.

The small things that have happened each day. The way that my companions helped me celebrate my Birthday, all those that made me feel so loved. The laughter that I am able to share with so many people but the one thing that has kept me going is the wonderful people that we get to talk to. There is this lady that calls us everyday to share what she has read in The Book Of Mormon, as she shares what she learns I just listen to the beautiful words that are spoken. You can hear the love that comes from her voice as she asks what did you learn today. Just as this beautiful lady asks us what we learned , I have felt people from home reach out to me, showing me support and love.

April 2,2020

Being able to see the Rainbow bridge right before we had to leave to take daily walks around a beautiful lake. These small and simple things are the sun shining through the trees, bringing light into my life. While I was reflecting on that I thought of Joseph Smith how he had a question that brought the light back to the earth. All he wanted to know is if he could be forgiven from his sins and to know which church was the true church of Christ.

Rainbow Bridge Eau Claire, WI

When Joseph Smith went into the woods to pray, a darkness came upon him, holding him back from turning to the light. When he was able to pray he recorded what he saw as “I saw a pillar of light, exactly over my head, above the brightness of the sun, which descended gradually until it fell upon me…. When the light rested upon me I saw two Personages, whose brightness and glory defy all description, standing above me in the air One of them spake unto me, calling me by name and said, pointing to the other- This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!” ( Joseph Smith- History 1:16-17)

Joseph Smith was able to receive his answer, he received it with light. The light overcame the darkness, giving him hope, peace, and guidance. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him, as Heavenly Father told Joseph Smith while pointing to Jesus Christ, to ” Hear Him”. The light in the world was brought back by Joseph Smith with the help of God.

The darkness of the Covid-19 can be overcome with light. The light of Hope, the light of Peace, the light of Faith, and the Light of Christ. It doesn’t matter what your religion is, you have the light of Christ within you! I have found that the light that is in this dark time is the small things that God has given me each day. I just have to keep my eyes open and let my light shine, sharing that light with others will make this dark time full of light.

The things that have been my light this past month have been within all the crazy things that have happened. The road trip that we were able to have just because we had to move. I was able to think about the things that were on my mind while laughing with others. Trying to get everything to fit into our car!

Our daily walks give me light in the dark clouds that surround me! I get to see people laugh while seeing the beauty of the world. Pondering on how blessed I am that I get to see the world, to meet the beautiful people that come into my path!

Seeing the rainbow bridge that I would have never had the chance to! With all of these things the light has always been the things that are small and simple. The love that I feel is the love that is from our Savior, Jesus Christ. Who gives me hope even when uncertainty surrounds me, He is the light that guides me through this darkness that I am in, He is my peace in the midst of the storm. He is the sun that shines through the trees breaking through the dark clouds that are above me.

Jesus Christ is the light through this darkness, there is Light In the Midst of the Storm! You just have to reach out and grab His hand, letting Him guide you!

Let the light shine through the dark clouds that may be blocking your sun!

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