The storm that the world is facing has affected each of our lives. To the way that we now communicate with each other, to the way we view the trials that are going on inside each of us. With all of these changes that have been going on and how it has affected my life, I’ve had some time to really look at where I am at. What am I seeing in the mirror, do I like what I am seeing?

Sometimes I get so caught up in the ” What if’s” that I don’t see the beautiful things that are going on around me. The storm that surrounds me doesn’t seem beautiful, why can’t I see the colors that are there? I’ve always believed that this world is full of beauty, does that include my life as well? I was not expecting anything like this to happen in my life; it just wasn’t part of my plan.

There is this lady that we talk to every day, she loves to share what she had learned in her scripture studies which she calls her “lessons”. As she shared what she has prepared for us I often wonder why she loves doing this? Why does this mean so much to this sweet lady to share the things that she had learned that day and ask us to share what we had learned in our own studies? I don’t think that she loves to do it because she just wants to talk with us but I think she does it out of love, trust and care. What she shares is not what matters but what we feel. When she tries to read the words that are written, she struggles but she never gives up. Always trying to understand what she is reading but just how determined she is to keep going even when she doesn’t understand what she is reading. The way that she loves what we have to share, the insights that we share doesn’t matter to her either, it’s that we are all there for each other.

This lady has touched my heart these last few months just by the way that she shows that we mean something to her. I always look forward to talking, singing songs with her, laughing with her and growing with her. She has brought the color of pink into the storm. Just by being who she is, she brings the color pink filling the blackness that seems to be around me as I stand in the midst of my own storm.

We had a lesson with this member in our ward and she loves to draw! We got on the topic of drawing and how I want to learn how to draw but that I am not good at it at all! We all decided that we would draw a picture and she would pick the best one. While my companions and I were drawing, there was so much laughter, and mess ups as well as pure joy! The day came that we would show her what we all drew and let’s just say mine didn’t win but she roasted all of us in a loving way that truly brought so much laughter into our day. This sweet lady that helps us grow in ways that are out of our comfort zone has brought the color of lavender into my life.

There is beauty all around us, while sometimes that beauty is outside. As we go on our daily walks that consist of getting lost in our own thoughts, laughing with each other. Creating stories as we watch the ducks, throwing dandelions in the water, writing in our journals or talking to strangers that come up just to talk because they are alone. The world outside and all of its beauty bring many different colors into my life but the color that I see the most is yellow.

There is always going to be a storm going on in our lives but that storm doesn’t have to be filled with darkness. The colors don’t only come after the storm, not waiting for the storm to be over just to see the colors. It’s not just when the storm is over that we see the beauty but it’s when we are standing in the midst of the storm. Seeing all of the colors that come. These colors come from many things, not only big things but the small things. The simple text messages that are sent, a picture of the beautiful sunset, or just laughing with those around us!

Take time to look for the colors in your life, let your storm be filled with all the colors that are around you. Making your storm beautiful as you stand in the midst of it, ready to face any of the challenges that may come your way.

As seasons change

So do I

Never knowing what I’ll face

In the next season

Always taking a step forward

Into the next thing

Who knows how it will change me

Leaves fall off the tree

Leaving it bear and aged

A part of me to has fallen off

Leaving behind apart of who I was

Snowflakes fall down from the skies

Covering the earth with white of pure

Discovering a deeper part of myself

A piece that is white and pure

New flowers begin to blossom

Bringing new life and growth

I too have come along ways

As seasons change

We leave behind the past

Live in the moment

While looking forward

Letting everything change us

While becoming the colors of the season

that brings beauty

In every age of time.

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