We all thought that this pandemic would only last but a couple months but here we are.. I never thought that it would last this long but I have found that through it all I have been trying to find my way again. 

The outcome of this all is the changes or how we all have been having to adjust to the way things are now. We wish we could go back to what we know as normal. Back to the way the world felt like it was full of light but now it may seem it’s full of clouds that block the sun from bringing that light to the world. 

As this week went on I had the feeling that my companions and I should do something for a lady that we are teaching. She has been on my mind non stop. I had no idea how we would find time this week to be able to show her that we care. On Friday we were going to have a lesson with a lady but it turned out that she couldn’t make it. As I took some time to think what we could do now with the extra time we had I realized that we could do something for the lady. 

We decided to make cookies for her and a family in the ward, but to go along with those cookies we made hearts with a little note on the back. My heart was beginning to be filled with joy.

When we got to her home we started to put all the hearts all over her door while we were trying to be quiet. Just as I was putting one of the hearts on the door I heard the door open. Just as I look down I see the sweetest little boy every look up at me and say “Hi” with the biggest smile on his face. Then when I thought our cover would be blown Chuck comes over to the door and yells ” Mama, you got someone at the door”. The three of us just look at each other and go oh no..We told Chuck that we aren’t here. He then grins and says ” never mind Mama, it’s just a ghost”. We all just chuckle. While the two boys got on their bike and headed to the park we finished putting up all the hearts and left the cookies there for them to eat!

Now we were off to the next family! As we pulled up to their home we decided to park on the side of the road because they have a long driveway and we didn’t want to back up all the way down it. We thought that just maybe this time we would be secretive. As we started to walk down the driveway we noticed all the kids were riding their bikes towards us! As they came up to us asking what we were doing we just told them that they didn’t see us. They just shrugged their shoulders and went right back to playing. 

To make things even better the dad was right in the front cleaning out his car. We asked the oldest that was by us if we could leave the stuff on their back porch. The only way to the back is through the yard that is full of trees but the challenge is to not be seen by the dad. Well to make a long story short we ran and hid behind the trees all the way to the back porch and back to the car. If you could only imagine how sneaky we were by their dog chasing us, the kids talking to us and three Sister Missionaries running through the yard while hiding behind trees trying not to be seen!

Even though we had failed to keep it a secret we succeeded at spreading kindness! When I spent some time that night just thinking about the day and even as I write this I look back at my week and see how the clouds have slowly disappeared. 

There may be a pandemic going on but that doesn’t mean that the light has gone vtoo. The more time that I have been out serving a Mission, the more people I meet, the more I see where the light comes from. The light that brightens the world is found not only through Christ but within each of us! 

Kindness brings the light to those around us but it also lights that light within us. I have noticed that not only when I serve others but when I show kindness, love, joy and even happiness to those around me the light begins to break through the clouds. 

To light the world it always starts within us. The first step is to start now to spread that pure love of Christ, the light that can brighten the world! Take time this week to spread kindness, you may never know who needs your light today nor how your light has a part to play with lighting the world with love, kindness and even a little bit of happiness!

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