We all focus on keeping our bodies healthy. Watching what we eat, what we put on them, attending any minor aches. We focus on healing the body. Our bodies are amazing but have you ever wondered how our souls affect our bodies? 

To be honest I never really thought that how we feel on the inside would affect what’s on the outside. I thought that they were two different things that had nothing to do with each other.

The week started out just like any other week. I was feeling really good and I was happy but as the week went on that joy that I was feeling slowly started to fade. It was like I was walking down the path filled with beautiful flowers that just brought my soul to life but as I kept walking the flowers no longer looked like they did. The joy that they once brought me was no longer there.

I started to get frustrated with the little things that didn’t bug me as much. I wasn’t  laughing like I used to. I didn’t feel like me anymore. How can I go from feeling great to feeling lost? I hadn’t changed anything or at least I thought I hadn’t. Truth is I slowly started to lose the colors of the things that brought me joy because I started to focus on the things that I couldn’t change nor control. I was looking for things that I believed would bring me happiness but in the end it just brought me confusion, sadness. I began to only see things in black and white. 

As I asked myself the question of how I could see the colors that I once saw, I needed to take a step back and see where I needed to start. There was nothing that I could change on the outside that could fix it. My soul was aching, telling me that I needed to slow down and take time to heal what is keeping me from seeing the colors. I had no idea where to start but I figured that I could start with just allowing myself to be in the moment. To just allow myself to feel everything that is around me. The laughter, the joy and even that peace.

To heal the body you turn inwards but to heal the soul you turn outwards. I needed to not focus on what was hurting and trying to fix it myself but I needed to allow God to heal what was hurting. The only way to do that is to do what Christ always did by looking and turning outwards. Helping those around Him, loving those who stood by Him. 

On our way up to visit a friend who we haven’t seen for a while I decided that I was just going to allow myself to not worry but to let God fill my heart with joy. She was running late, so we decided to take the video we had to send in. Let’s just say that I started to get worried about the time and not wanting to be late even though she was running late. I noticed what I was feeling but then as we were taking the video we started to take pictures. Just then when I thought that my worries and anxiety would not go away my soul began to feel joy as laughter filled my body.

All the worries just disappeared when I let myself let go and be in the moment. To let my soul feel the laughter and joy that was being created. To enjoy the people that I was with.The memories that we were creating could not be recreated but it will be a memory that my soul will always remember.

Later on we were able to stop by her house to drop off a card for her. There was laughter and some small talk that had filled that time we were together but the thing that I had thought was the words that she had spoken when we gave her the card. It was nothing fancy but it meant the world to her because It came from us. We took the time to put it together but we knew how much a letter means to her. It’s in those moments when you know that you just made someone feel loved that your soul begins to feel complete.

I love what one of our friends said as we had dinner with her. She had said ” it’s always nice to have your time alone but when you get together with others it’s like your soul begins to feel more”. I never thought of it like this but as we had spent the night with her and the other families that week I noticed how true that is. We may all like our time alone but the love that you feel from those that truly care is one that you can’t get when you are alone. The laughter that you share, the stories that are shared and even the time that you spend together is healing.

Why would any of this have to do with healing my soul? Well it has everything to do with it. My soul could not be healed nor would I be able to see the colors that once brought me joy if I turned to the world for healing. You see our bodies and our souls work together but we have to allow them to. For the body and the soul to work together you first have to start within. When I noticed that my soul was starting to lose its sight I needed the one who Created it to heal it. I needed to turn to Him but I needed to look beyond myself. Laugh with those that are around me. Live in the moments as God shows me the colors. Share what’s in our hearts with those who we love. 

Your soul defines who you are not your body! True healing doesn’t come from within. It comes from without. It’s those around you who help you to heal as God begins to place them in your life. Bringing more color and planting more beautiful flowers along your path!

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