“Life is always changing; it never stays the same”(Lawrence E. Corbridge). These quotes have gotten me through some challenges and even some changes that have happened in my life. It is something that I live by as I have been serving my mission. Life is always changing!

Every six weeks we have what we call transfers! Which is when we all get moved to New areas or get a new companion but if you’re lucky nothing will change for you but this time I got changes. I was in a trio and one if the sisters had finished her mission, so she was headed home. The other sister was being moved which I didn’t expect that to happen.

 The change for me was not a new area but two new companions. One has already been on her mission and the other one was brand new to the mission. When I saw this the first thing that came to my mind was a little uncertainty for what was to come but then I knew that things change. 

On Tuesday we spent the morning getting things ready and then road trip time! We drove all the way up to Bloomington the mission office!! Oh I totally forgot, transfers were also this week and Sorella Freeman was getting moved. I was so sad to see that we wouldn’t be companions this transfer. She was the sweetest girl ever!! When we got there we dropped Sister Fisher  off but we spent the day in the parking lot because the sisters we were staying with were doing some stuff. We just spent the day calling some people, filling out things, and helping. 

The next day we didn’t have anything really planned so we reached out to the sisters to see if we could help with getting anything ready for the new arrivals. They asked us if we could pick up one of the sisters and have her spend the day with us. Since the new missionaries couldn’t stay at the mission home they all got to spend the night at the hotel. On our way over to pick her up Google maps ended up redirecting us and we got lost so many times. I don’t think we learned the first time we got lost a few weeks ago. We ended up calling the elders and the first thing they say is “Are y’all lost”. The confidence that they have in us was amazing!  They gave us directions that kinda helped but not really. We did find our way but we had to ditch Google maps! 

After we had picked up the Sister we went out to eat. We just sat outside of Wal-Mart and visited for a bit before we took her to the hotel where she would be staying. I loved getting to know more people.

For all the new missionaries they have a meeting the morning of transfers and the one sister that was my comp had to attend so I was talking with a sister of what they want us to do from 8:30-11:30 and she was like well you could do personal study but we don’t want all 44 of you missionaries in the parking lot just waiting. Then we got talking about Facebook work and then we were like why don’t we all go to the park and make a Facebook video. This idea got me excited, so i decided to do it! So with the help of some sisters we put together groups of the missionaries that made a post for each page in our mission. I sent out the information a day before and all the missionaries were down! It turned out fun and amazing. I’m grateful that some of the missionaries were willing to help me pull this off. It’s amazing what you can do with an idea and the help of others.

There are so many amazing things that happened this week but the thing that made it so great was just spending it with others and laughing. There are so many moments in each day but when we put them all together they become a memorie. 

As I went from one thing to the next I began to find something new about myself or something that I had forgotten. Putting together for all us missionaries to create videos gave me a desire that I thought was lost. This gave me a purpose!

When we keep walking even in a world that is always changing we end up finding ourselves. We too change, so we have to keep moving to see who we’ve become!

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