I can’t believe that fall is already here! It seems like yesterday it was spring but somehow time just went by and now the trees are changing color. Leaves are falling, leaving the trees bare. I’m not really sure how time can go by so fast. 

Seasons bring something special into our lives. Fall doesn’t just start off the holidays or makes us all bring out our sweaters, big blankets. There are so many reasons why I love fall and I was reminded of why I love it so much this week. 

We had the chance to be able to help clean up yards and hand out food. We may have not known any of these people but if there is one thing that this taught me is that fall give you the chance to give! 

Giving can come in many ways, one of them is service. As we spent the week taking leaves and pulling weeds for those who physically couldn’t do it I noticed something. We may not know these people at all but each person came outside to talk with us. They may just be ordinary people but what I saw was something more. Here we are just trying to help these wonderful people, to bring love into their day and yet we always left feeling more love then what we had when we got there.

This reminds me of how Christ went about serving others. He didn’t want the praises of others but He always wanted those around Him to know that they are loved. Christ gave without the expectation of reviving.  Here were 19, 20 year olds who just wanted to give and to let those around them know that they are loved just as our savior would do. Why would we leave more edified?  I believe that it’s because we took the time to look beyond what we wanted and to give. When you give you receive, even if you aren’t doing it to get anything out of it. You still are given much. 

The other thing is time. After we helped a friend clean out their yard we got to spend time with them as we all gathered around a fire telling stories. Hearing about where their lives have taken them. Their adventures and challenges that they have been through not to mention the marshmallows that we all eat. Mine may have always caught in fire, it brought some good laughter! When we took this time to listen to them to really get to know them you begin to see them differently but when I left, my heart wasn’t the same.

When we give we are changed. I love to think of it as the leaves on the tree. The colors of the leaves change but they don’t change overnight. When the seasons give them experiences that help their color to change they become more. We get to admire those colors. This is just like each of us. When we give to those around us our colors change. We become happier allowing our colors to change! 

Fall has given me the chance to give more and with all the holidays coming I can’t wait to give more. We never know the story of those around us but most of all we know that it will not only change us but it will bring love to those around us! Let this fall season bring you the gift of giving!

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