It seems that each week just goes by faster than the one before. Just looking back at the week I find it hard to even remember what happened… Am I just getting old that I just seem like my memory has escaped me? I’ve asked myself this question, I even find myself checking in the mirror to see if I am! Even though this week seems a little blur I can say that there was something special about this week. 

Just to start the week off we were able to gather together with other missionaries that are serving around us. Long drive through snowy weather just to see each other and to feel the love that comes from gathering. Sitting there for a few hours or maybe even more… I decided that all I wanted to do was to just listen. Letting all my thoughts go. I haven’t been able to do this in a long time but I found that there was so much going on in my head. Finally my mind began to just become quiet, my body then filled with something, I first wondered what that feeling was. I recognized it but it seemed that it’s been a while since I felt it. What was that feeling? 

The feeling was quiet, small but powerful. I noticed that it only came when I allowed my mind to become silent. As the meeting went on, laughter filled the room while we talked and learned from each other, sharing ideas on things we have learned in our areas where we are living. The room was filled with love, the type of love that makes it feel like you are a part of a family. 

The week just seemed to get colder, more snow seemed to just keep on coming. I wondered how it could snow that much and if there is a limit of how much snow we could get. It seems that there is no limit. Our week would continue. We met with members of our congregation and there I felt the same thing I felt, that quiet peace. How could I feel that peace as I was standing outside just talking with the people while I was freezing or while I sat on the other side of the phone? 

It had nothing to do with where I was or if it was snowing or how much but it had everything to do with what I allowed into my thoughts. Just letting go of the things that seemed to cloud my thoughts blocking the love that comes from those around me kept me from feeling that quite small peace. I had not made room for the love of Christ to exist. Closing out the love of others while trying to feel it. The moment that I decided that I would clear my mind and let the love of Christ to exist I found something more precious than anything. 

I laughed more, loved more and I lived more. Each time we would talk with members or even those we don’t know, I immediately felt a love for them but I also felt that they were family. I noticed the love of others, the love they showed towards me. How could I give if I couldn’t receive? I must receive Christ to give His love to those around me. Even though I may not remember everything that happened this week I do remember the feeling of love that I’ve felt as I’ve revived Christ to be my focus while receiving the love of others, as I gave or showed my love for them!

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