It’s been a few weeks since I came to Duluth. The beauty that is here is amazing. Lake Superior looks like an ocean, I’ve never seen something like that before. It’s like it never ends, which made me think of life. We may see what’s right in front of us but as you keep looking forward it gets harder to see but it keeps going. 

This past week as I’ve been trying to focus on what I see and not what I couldn’t see yet. Trying to break the habit of focusing on things that I can’t control which then I begin to look right past the blessings that I’ve been given. We often get lost in the past or even in the future. I know right now for myself I’ve found my thoughts wandering away to a place that has nothing yet because I haven’t yet created something here now. 

I have tried for years to live in the now but haven’t seem to be able to accomplish this. Just a few months ago I decided that I would carry a little book around with me that I would write anything that made me feel loved, happy, peace, or the blessings, and miracles, even things that made me laugh.  This week has been a week where I’ve been able to see more! 

It all started with an amazing miracle that happened a few weeks ago, right when I came to this area. There is this lady who we send daily thoughts to or to even see how she is doing. Well one day she reached out to us and asked if we could teach her more about what we believe, not only does this make us happy because we get to share our beliefs with her but because we get to share something that brings us joy with someone else! Monday came and we were able to meet with her! She was full of sunshine! Just visiting with her brought this love into my heart. Listening to her story and just see what an amazing lady she was but just how God has truly been there for her. I’m always blown away when I hear others stories but when you can just see the hand of the Lord as they speak. 

After we visited with her for a bit we ended up going to split rock. I thought that where we live was beautiful till I saw the view of the light house. It was like peace was just overwhelming me. I have always felt at peace when I am in nature, it’s just so peaceful, quiet but this is the place where I feel the love of the Savior the most. My mind went blank as I heard the waves crash along the rocks, the view was so beautiful. Looking out it seemed that there was no end to the water! Was there something on the other side? 

While I was taking time to just stand there and listen to the water crash along the rocks, my thoughts began to wander but then I began to focus on one thing. What a gift I was given to be here in this moment, to see so many different places in the world on my mission. Meeting a variety of people who have been on different paths. Life takes us down different paths, I would have not thought that I would be here today meeting and growing from all these people that I’ve met along the way. 

Just taking time to write down those feelings and insights that I received each day my view of the water began to change. I wasn’t focused on what was behind what I could see. I was focused on the beauty that was right in front of me. My focus was here, seeing more of the Lord’s hand in my life. God will always guide us but if we overlook what he is giving us in this moment we will miss where we need to go but also the beauty of his love. Just taking time to write down what I feel has truly made me more swear of what I was feeling, what was going on around me, the blessings God was giving me in that moment and most of all my gratitude began to grow. 

Don’t try to figure out what’s beyond the water but focus on the sound of the water crashing along the water, the way the fresh air feels, the presence of the love that comes from the earth. Just changing my focus more on Christ my life began to change, becoming more beautiful!

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