I have heard this word over and over again by the people around me. I didn’t matter I was or who it was but it seemed that everyone knew this word and maybe even perhaps loved it! Growing up we had the words ” Thank you”, but with out even thinking about it we always just say your welcome or maybe we just reply “no problem”. I never understood the power behind these two simple word, nor did I even think that they meant much.
As the cold had came, more snow seems yo fall from the sky covering the ground with pure white, what an amazing and beautiful time of the year. This year is different, we as missionaries have not been able to enter into anyones home to visit them. Our wonderful members of the church love to make us dinners but the challenge has been how do they feed us right? Well I do have to say that these members are pretty smart! As we stop by at there homes they hand us some packed food, oh how this little interaction always warms my heart! But it’s not the yummy meal that they make that brings this warmth to my heart but it’s the little conversations that we share.
Just the other day we stopped by one do our favorite members home to pick up a dinner that they had prepared. While we were visiting they spoke those two simple words “Thank you”. Why would they be thanking me? They were the ones who made this wonderful meal for us, we did nothing. As I pondered about this and those few words that they had spoken I learned a valuable lesson.
The simple words of a thank you is a way of showing gratitude but when you think of it gratitude heals all wounds. You give gratitude but then you get the gift of receiving it. I thought it was only a one way but really it’s more than that! Looking back on these past few week and even months I began to see the things and the people that I am so grateful for!
The opportunity that I have to be able to serve a mission for 18 months has brought me joy beyond imagine. Yes it does come with a price of not seeing your family, mission out on holiday seasons but it’s only a moment. These moments that I have here on my mission has opened my eyes to the things that are more important than anything else.
My family has always meant the world to me. They have helped me through hard times and even rejoiced with me in the good! We have created memories and even traditions over the years together, what a beautiful gift! Being away from them I have found my heart thanking God for placing me in this family. They has shown me so much support, encouraged me to keep going and through it all I’ve felt there love that never ceases to fail. I always look forward to calling them once a week and let me tell you they fill my heart with so much joy! I just want to express my gratitude towards them each for being there for me even miles away! For th3 gift of eternal families that God has given us!

With moving around place to place I have been able to see so many beautiful things! Meeting new people and even learning how amazing this world truly is! Many seasons come and go but the one that I find myself in love with is the winter! Just seeing the beauty that this time of the year has to offer. It bring people together even if that means hot chocolate runs! I’m always amazed at the creation that God has created for us!

As we went on a little adventure in all the snow we found this beautiful bridge. I do have to say I felt a little at home! Nature has always brought me peace and comfort. It heals my soul! I am so grateful for moments like these and even the beauty of the world!

The people that I’ve had the chance to meet have all became a part of my journey. Each one has shown me a new view of life. I don’t know what I would do without these people. I truly believe that God places people in our lives for a reason! My heart seems to become tender and full of thanks towards each person who comes into my life. I do have to say that I just love people! The light that shines in there eyes are just contagious! What a gift God has given to me!

Spending these 18 months serving the Lord and those around me I have found my self recurring much! All these things are just a few of them but not that I hold dear to my heart is the love that I fell from Christ. I’ve seen His hand in each day as I look beyond myself as He did. Expressing a prayer of gratitude has filled my life with more love and healing and it all comes form the one who gave us Every thing!
Give more thanks and revice it with an open heart of love! Happy Thanksgiving!

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