Time seems to be a thief, really! With the Holiday seasons here it feels a little different but just like anything in life there is something to be learned! Over the week of Thanksgiving I wasn’t sure how it would go or it would be a day full of joy. As the day got closer my feelings began to shift as a leader in our church Russel M. Nelson invited us to flood social media for the next week with what we are grateful for each day. 

My first thought was people will get so annoyed by me posting everyday, why do it? My heart began to humble a little as I thought about it and the words he spoke. I decided that I would post each day of something that I am grateful for. Days went by as each post went up of something I was grateful for but something else happened each day. While focusing on what I am grateful for my heart began to be filled with peace. This was just a simple thing yet it had healed something inside. 

Thanksgiving came around the corner and my heart was full of gratitude! The members in the ward ended up putting together a Thanksgiving dinner for us missionaries since we couldn’t eat with them. I thought about this small act of kindness that these wonderful people had shown to us. They gave us yummy food but they also gave us something more meaningful, they gave us love! This made Thanksgiving even more special than any Thanksgiving I’ve ever had! 

Knowing that Christmas is right around the corner I decided that I wanted to keep some of my traditions alive. We ended up making homemade candies and dipping them in chocolate! Making each candy brought back memories that I’ve created with my grandma. I could feel her love as I was making and reflecting back on those moments. How wonderful is it that we get to create these memories with our loved one but that we get to share and give it to others as well? 

With each candy dipped in chocolate and put into bags to drop off at members’ homes I felt like I was a little kid on Christmas day! I get to share something that I hold dear to my heart with those I love! Seeing their smiles made me even more grateful that I have these people in my life but that God has blessed me with them! 

Even though we have this pandemic going on we still can share the love and light of Christ. Starting out my Holiday season by expressing my gratitude daily, while giving to those around me I have found that the Christmas Spirit is still here! It’s the time to give, to love, and to be thankful! We have been given much this Christmas season because a little baby boy was born to save us all, to heal us all, and to love us all!

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