Time seems to be a thief, really! With the Holiday seasons here it feels a little different but just like anything in life there is something to be learned! Over the week of Thanksgiving I wasn’t sure how it would go or it would be a day full of joy. As the day got closer …

A simple word ca change our day

I have heard this word over and over again by the people around me. I didn’t matter I was or who it was but it seemed that everyone knew this word and maybe even perhaps loved it! Growing up we had the words ” Thank you”, but with out even thinking about it we always …

The Quiet Small Peace

It seems that each week just goes by faster than the one before. Just looking back at the week I find it hard to even remember what happened… Am I just getting old that I just seem like my memory has escaped me? I’ve asked myself this question, I even find myself checking in the …

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